Raise Money Fast & Easy For Your School, Church Group or Sports Team

Fundraising options for any size


Large Customizable Event Space

Our 51,000 square foot facility is ideally situated at the 15/91 freeway junction, and it's ideal for a wide variety of events. We can host up to 300 people at a time.

Auction Item Display Space

Each and every fundraiser is different. Some of them have included silent auctions such as this one we hosted for off-road truck racing legend Rick Huseman.

Outdoor Space

There is also the option of using the outside of the building for any fundraiser or event. It's common for companies to utilize food trucks and other vendors to increase the opportunity to raise more money.

Live Auctions

Some fundraisers have included live auctions. The most amount of money raised during one night at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, California was over $200,000 for an injured motorsports racer.

Fundraising Options

We have three incredible options that make fundraising fun, fast and easy.

Valid anytime Ticket Sales

This is a fast, fun and easy way to raise money. Best of all, the fundraiser program is really simple and incredibly unique. Pole Position Raceway will sell your organization prep-printed tickets for $10 each. The tickets are good for a Standard Adult 14-lap race (normally $21.95) or a 10-lap Kids race ($18.95). That means you make approximately $9-11 from each ticket sold. The tickets never expire. There is a 25 ticket minimum, and tickets are non-refundable

Scheduled Event

With this option, your group sells tickets in advance to an event on a specific date. On the date of your fundraiser, your group gets 40% of the money collected for those who attend your fundraiser. During the fundraiser, you can also arrange to have a food truck onsite, and have a donation station and host a silent auction.

Takeover Fundraiser

This option allows you to work with our staff to pick a date and time of a fundraiser for your group. You work on getting as many people as possible to come race at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, and you get 40% of the money collected for those who attend your fundraiser. Most people use Instagram and Twitter to promote their event within their network.

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